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Smart, easy, and cost-effective virtual training for your dog at your own pace and on-demand!


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Check out our demo PupCamp lessons; you can watch the videos and try out the quizzes for an idea of the material we have to offer with our catalog.


What To Expect From PupCamp

How to Have a Successful Partnership with Your Dog for the Rest of Their Life

PupCamp contains dozens of lessons and handouts relating to all aspects of dog training and guardianship. Once you subscribe, you gain access to our entire catalog. It is recommended that you watch each lesson to completion, while practicing the homework and exercises regularly.

Member Exclusive Benefits

PupCamp Members are able to save hundreds just by signing up! Save up to $230 right away!

  • Savings on toys, harnesses, crates, and more!
  • High quality dog food and treats that your pup will love!
  • Keep your dog or puppy in excellent health with discounts to Pet Insurance.
  • Expect even more Savings & Benefits as well!

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Our EZ Pup Method

We teach using an evidence-based, modern dog training methodology. This means that we train dogs using a rewards-based technique. We will help you train your companion dog or puppy in a fun, engaging, smart, and effective way. You will never need to use harsh punishments on your dog that have been shown to engender fear, stress, anxiety, and aggression. Together, we will help your dog become a confident and polite member of society.

Meet Our Happy Trainees

Slide We are forever grateful for PupCamp. Being a first-time dog owner, it can be exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. There’s so much research to do prior to ensure we’re giving our pups the best care possible, all while ensuring safe practices. PupCamp gave us just that! Their videos are well detailed with tons of knowledge to share. With the videos being online and self-paced, it has been especially helpful to watch and also rewatch videos to practice the training. Julie & Smoky Slide Our pup Rags is doing so well on this program. All of our friends and family are very impressed when they come over. I knew a fair amount already, but let me tell you, this goes far above that! The videos are so easy to watch, understand, and follow along with all from the comfort of your home! HIGHLY recommend!!! The PupCamp team went above and beyond in making this program and it shows! Alysha & Rags Slide PupCamp has been a game changer for us. We recently got our baby Koda, a 10-week-old Labrador Retriever. The virtual platform has allowed us to teach Koda vital skills in order to be successful in everyday life. When we first got him we really struggled with his severe nipping. Our trainer was so patient with us and willing to come up with suggestions and alternatives when the usual solutions failed us. Cecilia & Koda Slide We’re so grateful for PupCamp and their amazing team of trainers! As first-time puppy and first time Vizsla owners I can’t recommend their services more highly.They have provided us endless knowledge to help Waffles become the best pup she can be! We’re forever grateful and can’t wait to get a second puppy for Waffles because training was so rewarding with all of their help! THANK YOU PUPCAMP! Kellyn & Waffles Slide I am so thankful for Puppy BootCamp and our trainer's help! The online program gave us a solid foundation for teaching our lab puppy Trixie. When Trixie struggled with freezing on walks, our trainer gave us lots of ideas to try out as well as the support we needed to keep going! I can tell Trixie is more relaxed and confident now. She even offers a sit at our back gate to let us know she is ready to go! Regan & Trixie Slide PupCamp has been a life saver! Before getting my puppy, I read many books and watched several videos online, and I still felt unprepared. I’ve never trained a puppy before. When I brought Major home, I felt totally lost. I was definitely not ready for the amount of energy he had. Fortunately, I came across with PupCamp. PupCamp is more than an online training service, it’s a community, a family. Marce & Major

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