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Why Choose Canine Fundamentals

The truth about dog training is that you don’t need to be a trainer to successfully train your dog or puppy. There is no secret ingredient or hidden knowledge in a vault somewhere. PupCamp exists to give you the tools to successfully train a dog or puppy on your own without the need to spend thousands of dollars.

When beginning your journey, a great place to start is our fundamentals course because we provide instruction on how dogs think and learn. This course is designed to give you the knowledge to move forward with training your dog or puppy successfully.

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The Facts About Training

Did you know that there are many methods to train a dog? While some methodologies rely on using force, pain, and intimidation to train a canine, PupCamp takes a different approach. PupCamp uses a force-free approach to train the dog using modern, scientific methods and our unique EZ PUP system. Our team of trainers have pulled methods and styles from the leading experts in animal science to bring to you a training system that has a greater than 95% success rate.

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Course Description

The Canine Fundamentals course may only take you an hour to complete, but it is packed with knowledge that will change the way you think about dogs for the rest of your life. David Shade, an Army combat veteran and award-winning dog trainer, will cover all of the key points that you will need to successfully train your dog now and in our future courses at PupCamp. You won’t want to miss this one and make sure to bring a pen and paper!