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Train Your Puppy Right The First Time

Why Choose Puppy BootCamp

Puppies are a lot of work! There are so many moving parts to successfully raising a puppy such as potty training, obedience training, socialization, and management. We understand that many people may feel lost or overwhelmed when trying to raise a puppy, and some people are just looking for a guide to helping unlock their puppy’s potential. By starting out right when your puppy is young, you can enjoy a loyal companion for many years to come. The BootCamp course was designed to give you everything you need to create your own furry best friend.

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The Facts of Puppy Training

The number one cause of behavioral problems is a lack of early puppy training. If your puppy is under the age of 2, you should be spending time every week training with them. More than 50% of people never train their puppy, so it is not surprising that around 75% of dogs develop behavioral problems at some point in their life. So, what’s the bottom line? Based on the statistics, training your puppy now will prevent the development of behavioral problems later in life. Here’s the good news, you can start training in the next 5 minutes in our Puppy BootCamp course to protect your dog from having these problems.

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Course Description

The Puppy BootCamp course contains 60 lessons over 5 phases including: obedience training with 10+ cues/commands, socialization, potty training, crate training, puppy nipping, equipment tutorials, how to use enrichment, and so much more. The lessons contain quizzes to help you retain the core pieces of information learned throughout the course. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a badge on your profile and a certificate to show off your puppy’s achievement!